Self-doubt is real.

And it creeps in to different areas of your life and makes you question if you’re good enough. It happens to me ALL the time. As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and especially as a writer. Do you know how many times people have said things like…

Brands won’t want to work with you until you have at least 100K followers. 
Publications aren’t going to pay you to write, you’ll just have to submit for free until you get bigger. Your feed isn’t “pretty” enough to attract sponsorship opportunities, you need to make it more “perfect”.

But I’m not perfect. I own that I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be bound by “strategy” for my social media posts, I want authentic. I make grammar mistakes and typos because I’m human. I write with every part of my heart and soul and I can’t do more than that. So do I just stop trying? Do I throw in the towel and wait until I fit the mold of someone who deserves to be published or partnered with? Do I listen to the doubters and sit idle waiting for brands to approach me to collaborate?

????????FUCK ????????NO

I’m going to hustle every day and try to rise above the noise. I’m going to post what I want when I want because I’m authentic and real. And guess what? I HAVE been published and paid…on many big sites and even in a book. I do work with brands who like my work. My voice, my brand, my posts. They are all unapologetically me. And I refuse to let anyone tell me that being myself is not good enough. 

So, when that self-doubt starts to get loud, I’m going to channel the little me in this pic, put my hand on my hip and work it. I’m going to be like the little girl who didn’t even know doubting herself was an option. I may not be for everyone, every publication or every brand, but I refuse to believe that I’m not good enough. And neither should you. Put your hand on your hip and ????????get ????????it. 

You’re good enough.