Sometimes people are assholes. 

Strangers, bosses, friends & family, can suck your soul out of you. 

Sometimes you want to look at them and say, “Are you f*cking kidding me right now?” 

But you don’t. 
Sometimes you just take it. 
I used to take it. 
I used to be a people pleaser, totally consumed with making everyone around me happy. 

Always being the bigger person. 
Always doing the “right” thing. 

I’ve been taken advantage of. 
I’ve been used. 
I’ve been dismissed. 
I’ve been ignored. 
I’ve been put at the bottom of the totem pole. 

And I used to just sit there and take it. 
Sometimes, by default, I still do. 

But now more than ever, I try to be hyper conscious of selfish and manipulative people no matter who they are. 

After a divorce and all the junk that accompanies it, I had a serious internal discussion with myself, and a switch went off. I decided that I am better than that, but more importantly I will not allow my two very impressionable little girls, see people walk all over me. I will teach them that you don’t just have to take it. You don’t always have to please everyone, especially those so who lack insight to even realize that they are being assholes and sure as shit don’t care about pleasing you. 

I’m a different person than I was several years ago. While I’ve always had a mouth on me, I was so afraid to use it and rock the proverbial boat. I’ve also learned that you can’t change a soul sucker. Because soul suckers gonna suck. So, now I simply shut them out. 

They are not allowed to experience my vulnerability. 
They are not allowed to share the important moments in my life. 
They are not allowed to do everything on their terms, even if they’re not intentionally being malicious. Because “malicious” is not the only negative characteristic. 

At 42, I’m still learning how people can disappoint you. I’m still learning about my own boundaries for bullshit. And I’m still learning how to deal with soul suckers. 

I don’t know who needs to see this right now, but if you have a soul sucker driving you crazy, shut it down. I’m with you, boo ???????? I’ll just be over here practically snorting “anxiety formula” essential oils I don’t even believe in straight from the diffuser