We don’t celebrate Christmas.
We’re Jewish.
But we like fanfare, so I got the kids a Hanukkah tree a few years ago and they love decorating it and watching the presents show up under there.
It doesn’t make us any less Jewish.
It literally changes nothing in our lives other than putting big smiles on my kid’s faces and adding a fun festive mood in my house.
But some people scoff at it and don’t think it’s appropriate or in good taste.
And if you’ve been here more than a minute, you probably already know that I’m not really bothered by anyone’s disapproval of anything I do ????
This year it made me think of a story my mom recently told me about my grandmother.
Years ago, my mom was organizing my grandmother’s wallet and stumbled upon a cross. The convo went something like this…
“MA!!!! Why do you have a cross in your wallet?!?”
“Because I found it on the ground and didn’t want to just leave it there.”
“So you decided to put in in your wallet and keep it?”
“But you’re Jewish! Why not give it to a friend or someone you know who is Christian?”
“Honey, I looked down and saw it and knew it was somebody sending a blessing. And I will take a blessing from anyone who wants to send one my way, so I kept it because you can never have too many blessings no matter where they come from!”
She was one smart lady ❤️
My family is sending your family ALL the blessings and we hope you have a fantastic time celebrating whatever you celebrate.