Yesterday as I took my sanity walk at the end of the day with my dog, I was stopped by a car asking if I’d seen a grey dog running around. I hadn’t but I told him I’d keep an eye out. Then shortly after, a woman on a bike stopped to ask me the same.
Then our neighborhood What’s App and Nextdoor started dinging with similar messages.
In a matter of minutes, there were people in cars, on bikes and on foot, all looking for a neighborhood dog.
Less than 20 minutes later as I was heading home, I saw a police car pull in and found out that they spotted her, saw the messages on Nextdoor and brought her home.
All I could think was how incredible it was that on Mother’s Day, when many had full houses, so many people just dropped what they were doing to come together and find a dog many didn’t even know.
They mobilized.
They took action.
They brought her home and I can’t even imagine the relief that dog’s family felt.
It filled my heart and made me love my neighborhood even more.
It also made me think about how great it would be if we all treated each other with the same compassion, empathy and love.
Imagine the camaraderie.
Yeah yeah, I know. There are so many shitty people that likely don’t deserve it. But there are also so many who do.
Just imagine how different our world would be if we showed up for each other the way my whole neighborhood showed up for that dog. Ya know?