To the mama who feels like she’s getting nothing done today….It’s almost 2pm on a Monday and I’m still in my pajamas.

I had plans to get up, go for my usual quick morning run pushing the jogging stroller, shower, have my coffee and dig into my inbox.

I was going to write at least three articles I’ve been toying with, finish some client writing projects and dare I say, get ahead?

Then the universe just laughed and laughed and laughed and said, “you silly woman, mothers don’t get ahead of their workload!”

Instead I got a call at 730 a.m. that my older daughter wasn’t feeling well and her dad would drop her off on his way to work instead of taking her to school. Thankfully, I work from home making this possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a wrench in my day.

I have a cranky older child who wants to do nothing and an energetic toddler who wants to do everything. Their worlds could not be farther apart today.

My older one wants to be waited on and that’s what goes on when she’s sick. Who am I kidding? It goes on when she’s healthy too because she’s my first baby and owns me.

My little one just wants to play. With blocks, dolls, books, instruments. All of it. And she’s my last baby so I know these moments are fleeting.

But if I’m being honest…I don’t want to play and i don’t want to be an on-demand concession stand.

Yet, I haven’t stopped. I’ve served chicken noodle soup on a tray bedside and meatballs (or beatballs as my toddler calls them) tableside. I’ve cleaned up toys, put away laundry, scrubbed chocolate off the baby’s face and then tried to figure out when the hell she had chocolate today.

I had a client call with both kids yelling for me in the background and have somehow managed to churn out a good amount of work.

My to-do list is mocking me as I sit on the floor pretending to talk into a play telephone over and over and over causing the baby to break into hysterics because she thinks I’m hilarious.

And I just want to change out of my pajamas. But I look at the clock and wonder if it’s even worth it at this point since I’ll be showering and changing for bed in a handful of hours. It will just add another pile of clothes to my laundry monsoon anyway.

So, let this be a reminder that sometimes mamas are still in their PJs at 2pm on a Monday, but it’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because they are putting everything before themselves.

It’s what we do.