A friend brought this wine appropriately named, Freakshow, for thanksgiving last night. It was delicious.
But “freakshow” is also the perfect term to capture the essence our life, especially with this animal and his antics.
Highlights from last night…
First, he took a running leap over the back of our couch and hit his leg hard. He was limping for about 30 seconds and I was sure we were on our way to the emergency vet before we even sat down to dinner, but then he miraculously healed and was back on his bullshit. ????‍♂️ ????
Second, he helped himself to a giant turkey wing off the kitchen counter and brought it next to the dining room table thinking he’d join us, but totally busted himself instead. Shoulda kept your party for one in the kitchen and maybe you would have been able to polish it off without us knowing. So close, bud. ????
Last, at some point he got his paws on a scrunchie. I mean they are basically coming out of my walls with two daughters, so it’s not like procuring one is a challenge. Anyway, he was running around the living room like a complete feral maniac. I was trying to get it but his defense game is off the charts. All of a sudden it was gone and we couldn’t figure out where it was. I mean, he couldn’t have eaten it. We were standing right there trying to get it the whole time. We didn’t witness any chewing, or any kind of scrunchie feast.
But wouldn’t you know that this morning while we were getting ready to go about our day, Biggie stood smack in the middle of my bedroom and heaved like me during my entire last pregnancy until he puked up the fully in tact scrunchie . That MFer shot that sucker back with effortless, seamless grace, like me shooting goldschlager at prom.
Hope you enjoyed your own gatherings as much as he enjoyed that scrunchie.