You’ll figure it all out.
It’s not always easy. Actually must of the time it feels impossible.
Jumping from one to two kids rocked my world and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
I naively thought it would be “easier” because they are 8 1/2 years apart.
Well, it’s not.
Nothing in parenting is “easier”.
I thought as a veteran mom I’d slide right into baby duty again seamlessly. Until I found myself having to braid my older one’s hair for school every morning with a baby whose favorite past time was to obliterate my nips, on my boob simultaneously.
I got used to the one kid groove. It was never easy, but it was mostly a predictable and familiar pattern.
There’s always going to be rough stuff.
There’s always going to be shamers and haters.
There’s always going to be judgment.
You ???????? do ???????? you.
Nobody knows your kids like you do. And your friends who had kids before you are not experts. They’re other moms who had their own experiences in the diaper blowout trenches. They can be great resources but their child rearing tactics are not gospel.
Take a breath. Cry if you need to. Let it out.
Remind yourself that the most amazing things in life are sometimes the hardest.
Power through moments like the nip destruction and keep telling yourself it’s temporary. There will be many stages and milestones and each time you get into a routine, it ends and a new one emerges. That’s just how it goes. Motherhood is an evolution that comes with magic and messiness all wrapped in one.
So, hang in there mama and do what you need to do. Do what works for you and your kids and surround yourself with people who support your motherhood journey instead of telling you everything you’re doing is wrong.
You can do this and I’m in your corner ❤️????????