Here’s the thing about motherhood. One minute you feel like a rockstar who has it all figured out…until you don’t.

Our kids are the wrenches in every single plan. And wrenches come in all forms:
Someone who can’t hold it when you’re stuck in traffic on the highway.
A forgotten deadline for a school project that is now due tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.
A fever and puke when you are supposed to head out on a trip the next day.
Pure, unadulterated disgust for a food they loved two days earlier.
Teething, growth spurts and other things that completely screw up a solid sleep routine.

If it feels impossible sometimes, that’s because it is. 

Don’t get caught up in the false realties some moms like to perpetuate on social media, including a new bouquet of fresh cut flowers grown in their own organic garden handpicked by a husband; a gourmet dinner including every food group that everyone willingly eats and asks for seconds; someone claiming their child speaks 23 languages and prefers kale over candy. 

It’s all bullshit. 

You don’t have to fake it til you make it or put a game face on. You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed and like you are riding a roller coaster. It’s not a contest. There is no winner. There’s just you and your family. There’s picky eaters and tantrum throwers and kids who put shoes on at a snail’s pace. There’s mood swings and crying and kids who hang on any body part they can grab onto. It’s chaotic and crazy. But never forget that YOU are the mayor of CrazyTown. You are in charge, even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. Everyone knows you are steering this ship. So, buckle up because there are bumpy roads ahead….because kids. 

It won’t get better either. But you will. You will learn from every single disaster and success and keep that knowledge in your arsenal of awesomeness for a later date. 

You are a mom and you’re killing it, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Remember that. ????????????????????????